Sunday, January 2, 2011

Celebrate 2011 in Pink

Bottle and Card Giftset

I really liked how this giftset turned out. I wish the giftpaper color showed up better in the pictures. We were invited to a friend's house for a dinner celebration for NewYear's Eve. So, I quickly threw together a card and dressed up the bottle. I really cannot remember exactly what supplies I used but I will do my best to post them (since I did the set before we left to the dinner and had no time to write down notes). 

I cut the left over wrapping on the top into strips and curled them down with scissors. I wanted to give it a diff touch other than putting a bow out of ribbon.

The Tag is what I had the most fun doing. I used my Gypsy Girl to design the Bottle Tag. Lacy Labels  Cart was the cart I used to make the base for the Tag.

The Pink and Striped Gift Wrap Paper I found at my local Walmart and it is the Support Breast Cancer Paper. I used it to wrap the bottle and as background paper for the Tag and Card.

The glasses on the Tag and Card were cut from an Accetate Sheet.  The glittery paper was a pack I bought at my local dollar store. the company who made the paper is CRAYOLA. The ribbons are the dollar ribbons you can purchase from the dollar bins at Michaels.

I hope Everyone's New Year's Eve and Day was filled with alot of joy and laughter as well as LOVE! I wish every single one of my Bloggy Family and Friends many Blessings and Adventures for 2011!
Sweet 2011 Creations...


  1. Very pretty and beautiful!! Love it!

    Tori :)

  2. Congrats to you on your folowing Iknow how ever so diificult it is to get people to follow because there are so many sites snow to follow. And alot of beautiful ones at that. Im #432 I believe. Congrats on a great site good luck and look forward to seing more of your beautiful work Girl. Im in Love with a Bug is my site. Stacey


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