Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Breast Cancer Awareness

Wings of Hope Card...

Ok... Everyone, I finally get a chance to announce what I have had up my sleeve for about a week.
Yes, some of you guessed right... Breast Cancer Awareness. I know I am kind of a bit early for this. But, alot of you probably heard of our  Crafty and Talented friend Monique Griffith (link to her CaringBridge site story). I have a "Fight Like A Girl" button posted on my side bar of my Blog. This button takes you to her CaringBridge site story. A couple of months ago, My Pink Stamper Robyn, asked all of  the Crafty Blog friends to send cards for a bit of comfort and to let her know she is in our thoughts and prayers. Well, once in a while I will see comments on Facebook from her that she is raising money for the Susan G. Koman San Francisco Race. Well, it occured to me that all us Crafty and Not so Crafty Blog and Facebook Friends could help her a bit by sending her more words of faith, hope, and encouragement along with ONE DOLLAR BILL. I had participated in something similar for a little boy who also had Cancer. He no longer is with us, but he enjoyed every single card and dollar bill everyone sent to him. His story was also shown in his Local Town News, which mentioned how so many people came together to do this Wonderful gesture for a little boy they never met. I know, many of you sent Monique ( this is her link to her craft blog) cards from My Pink Stamper's request. But, from reading her comments on Facebook, she still has some not so good days as well as weeks. If a card is not possible, then I hope a small note can be sent along with the ONE DOLLAR BILL. I did contact Monique via e-mail and was pleased with the idea. She commented, in return to receiving the ONE DOLLAR BILLS she would donate them  to her funraiser for the Race.
For many years, I have been so passionate and supportive of Breast Cancer Awareness ... being that I LOVE THE COLOR PINK!!!
To all of my BLOG and Facebook Besties and Friends... I hope you WILL be able to HELP in this project that I will be holding for the rest of the month of AUGUST.
*** Please help me spread the word... AND POST IT ON YOUR BLOGS AND FACEBOOK PAGES. I will truly be indebted with you for your help and support with this GREAT CAUSE!!!
** Once you have done this Great Gesture, please send me a comment or e-mail along with a link with a pic of the card or note that you are mailing off to her. I would LOVE to see how many pics get sent to me.  There will be a Breast Cancer Giveaway at the second week of September for those who are joining me in this Awesome Project.

This is her Address:
Monique Griffith
1879 Butterfly Ct.
Rocklin, Ca 95765

I also plan to involve all my family and local friends here on our Military Post. Thank you everyone from the bottom of my Heart for taking time to read this post and assisting me with this Request.

Have a Wonderful Week !!!

Here is a glance of the card I made for her:

Sweet Creations...


  1. Such a great idea ... this card is so pretty.

  2. Rosy, this is such an awesome thing you are doing!!! Your card is awesome and sooooo beautiful!!! :)


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