Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Sweet Dreams Lucy...

A Warm Blanket made from Scraps for a Sweet Chihuahua

This is what I made from scraps. My Mom and I made My Daughter's Nursery Bedding 10 years ago. I can't believe I still had all these scraps! Being in the Military and moving every 1-3 years, you tend to do away with alot of stuff. I was happy to see something that I had made with my Mom ten years ago (awesome memories).

It all started yesterday with me taking out my Sewing Machine for a quick cleaning and tuneup. I had a comforter that was in line-up for re-hemming.

Once I re-hemmed the blanket and my sewing machine was tuned up, I could not store it away and not Create a Fabric Project! I looked in my fabric scraps bin and found to my surprise sweet memories. I have many sweet memories in that bin of my Mom and I, when I lived close to her and enjoyed making lots and lots of projects together. It has been quite awhile since I made a project with fabric let alone a Blankey (as my Daughter still calls them).

I wanted to also try out a project using My Cricut IMAGINE Machine. I received some carts for this machine, but was not able to use any of those because the images did not go with the fabric. So, I used a Cart that came with the Machine Bundle: NURSERY TAILS (Lamb and Sweet Dreams). I also used the BLAST OFF Cart for the Imagine (Scalloped Blue Square).

The Moon and Stars Fabric was missing a corner and decided to add a corner made from one of My Daughter's Receiving Blankets that I had saved along with the scraps. It looked too bare, so I decided to add an Iron-On sentiment from the Nursery Tails Cart.  I thought it gave it a lil' added touch. 

I used the remaining material from the Receiving Blanket, to make it coordinate with the opposite side corner, where I added the Sweet Dreams Sentiment. Plus, it makes it a bit warmer for My Daughter's Sweet Chihuahua. Which, She is Always Chivering (Brrrrr)... especially this time of the year.

When I was done, I put it in a bag and decorated the front of it with the cut I had made with Cardstock (Image Test for Correct Size) before I printed and cut the image from an Iron-On Sheet.

My Daughter opened it this morning and quickly wrapped her Best Pal (Lucy her Chihuahua) in the small Blankey (as she calls them). Lucy seemed to like her brand new Blankey.

Thank you so Much for stopping by and glancing at my post for today. I hope everyone is doing fine after this amazing and wonderful Christmas Holiday. Enjoy this coming New Year and be safe!

Sweet Holiday Creations...


  1. I love the Blankey! We have 3 Chihuahuas and their beds have the prime in front of the heater space!! So happy that Lucy loved her Blankey and will stay toasty warm!! :)

  2. I love it. My husband and I are also military. I dread moving this next time because we are going to have to get rid of so much stuff. We have 3 boys so it should be fun. TFS!!!!



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