Monday, August 6, 2012

Our Last Summer Together... Love You Dad

Every Second, Every Minute, Every Hour Became a Memory.

Where have I been all Summer, you might ask? Well, it has been an unplanned Summer trip to My Parents Home. While My Husband stayed at our house with our Fur Babies, My Kids and I spent the Summer at My Parents house.

I was working a shift at Target, on a Friday Memorial weekend, when I received a call from My Family. My Dad was in the Doctor's Office and  had been diagnosed with Stage 4 Type B Pancreatic Cancer. My world as I knew it, Stopped right there and then. I had no feeling running through my body, but shock. As soon as my shift ended, we packed our bags and made a six hour drive to be by My Dad's side (literally). My Dad's days to follow were filled with pain. On Tuesday, I called the ambulance and was immediately admitted to the hospital. Between the ICU and the fifth floor, we were there a week. He did not want to be a burden on my Mom and wished to be sent to a Nursing Home. That morning when My Dad was to be discharged, I was heading out to go sign contracts for the Nursing Home. As I head back to his room, to let him know what I needed to do, his WISHES had changed. He asked me what I thought, if He went HOME, instead of transferring to the Nursing Home. Without hesitation, I called the Director of the Facility and let her know Our Plans had changed. At that moment, I felt a HUGE relief. I was bringing My Dad... HOME.

The First Week of My Dad being Home, it seemed with his Pain Meds, he was still My Dad. But, the Second and Third Week I felt My Dad was Slipping away because of his Pain and all of the Medications for all sort of complications, he was having. But, I did try to make the best of times on the first week. He made me Laugh. My Dad was with Us for one month and a couple of days after being diagnosed. His  Funeral Sevices were nice. Family and Friends I had not seen in many years (due to moving alot- Military Spouse) came to give their respects.

Since then, I spent the rest of the time with My Mom until a couple of days ago. I came home to pack up our house. We made the decision since My Mom needs help getting around, My Kids and I are moving in with her. I will not be posting for about a couple of weeks due to our Move.

I wanted to share with you All, some pics of a Project I made this weekend.

Supplies Used:

Canary Yellow Cardstock
Deep Purple Cardstock (Awareness Ribbon)
White Cardstock
Lt. Blue Ink Pad
Purple Ink Pad
Kraft Color and Yellow Cording
Purple Ribbon
Microsoft Word (My Hero Is Now My Angel)

Thank You so much for stopping by and taking time to read my Post. I will be back with my Creations as soon as I can. Please take Care and take time to Hug your Loved Ones and say You Love Them.
Many Sweet Creations...


  1. Rosy ~ well you just captured my heart even more! Your post was just BEAUTIFULL written! Your Dad is smiling from heaven at you! The tag is just GORGEOUS! The details, the sentiments and the meaning have me crying! A good cry ~ maybe a tad sad ~ because you and your family have lost an amazing man! You hang in there and Thank You for sharing your journey with us! My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family ~ ALWAYS!!!!

  2. Rosie, so sorry you lost your Dad!! I prayed for you and your family....I have missed you! so glad to got to spend this time with your family...especially your DAD!! your project is beautiful!! I will miss you while you are making your move and getting settled! just know that someone in Georgia is praying for you!! continue to be strong and know that no one can ever take away your memories and this very special "Summer of 2012"! be blessed!!

  3. Rosy, My thoughts and prayers have been with you for the last couple of months and will continue to be. I'm so glad that you were able to be by your dad's side till God called him home. I know there is not many words that I can say that takes the pain completely away but I do know that now God is taking very good care of him and he is not suffering anymore. Your post was so touching and I'm sure your dad is watching from above smiling. Take care my sweet friend and I hope the move goes smooth and you get all settled in at your mom's. Your project is gorgeous and will be a great keepsake for years to come! Love ya! Leanne

  4. I am so sorry to haer about your Dad, I know the pain you must be going through. I remember when this happened to my Mom. It is the hardest thing you will face in life and I am sending you my prayers and a cyber hug to help you get through it. Take care and look after your Mom she will need you now more then ever!

  5. You be blessed and take care of yourself and mom. My prayers are with you and your family.

  6. Your tag is beautiful. Sending you lots of love and hugs!

  7. A beautiful and touching story. I'm so glad you had the time with your dad. Treasure those memories forever. Big hugs to you my friend.

  8. Rosy, I am deeply sorry to hear this new. I hope that you and your family are feeling some peace and comfort now. What a blessing you were able to spend some time with him before everything when amiss. I broke into tears as I read your post because I could feel your pain and it hurt as I relived my own loss of my favorite aunt, who passed away last Christmas. Its been almost 8 months to the date, and not a day goes by I don't think of her and miss her. She pass of cancer too. I will pray for your healing and strength. God bless you and your family Rosy. Take care, hun.


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